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Experts agree, houseplants are good for you!

My vocation as a houseplant manager met my love of science fiction when I learned about NASA’s research using houseplants to purify air in sealed environments. The original goal was life-support for moon bases (cool), but in the process the … Continue reading

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Emerging with a Fruity Disposition

As we emerge from the coldest winter we’ve had in 40 years, many of us will have casualties among our evergreen shrubs and vines. We could replant the same shrubs and hope for warmer winters, or we could explore new … Continue reading

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Kate’s Primrose Blog

by Kate Hemlock. It happens every year, as soon as the sparkle and clutter of the holiday season is packed away; the hopeful anticipation of spring! The first sign, the symbol of the fresh and bright coming year, are primroses. … Continue reading

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A New Year

There’s something exciting about a brand new year.  A clean slate, a renewed energy, and spring is just around the corner.  For me, January is the month to dye my hair a wild color and pretend to resolve to be … Continue reading

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