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Magnificent Trees

Article previously published in Flourish The Pacific Northwest is blessed with spectacular skylines of soaring native firs and cedars and a climate well-adapted to a wide array of trees to compliment them. Trees bring grace and beauty to our world, … Continue reading

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Incorporating Edibles into Your Landscape

Growing fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs brings the wholesome goodness of these tasty treats right to your table. Many of us don’t have time or space for a full-fledged vegetable garden and orchard but we can still incorporate our favorite … Continue reading

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How to Create a Low Maintenance Garden

For over 30 years I have been a passionate gardener, spending every weekend and evening creating a huge perennial garden of jungle-like proportions. I loved every minute of it for most of those years, but as I approached 60 years … Continue reading

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Made for the Shade

As the heat of summer approaches I take great pleasure in the cool sanctuary of my shade garden. Here lush foliage makes a verdant backdrop to jewel-like flowers. The emphasis on fabulous foliage keeps this garden looking lovely through every … Continue reading

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Fabulous Foliage

The longer I have gardened, the more I’ve realized that fabulous foliage is far more important than flowers for long term interest in my gardens. Good gardening involves creating year-round interest by having enough evergreen plants for winter structure along … Continue reading

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Amazing Conifers

How can you create a garden with 12 months of color that’s easy to maintain and tolerates weather extremes? Conifers are the answer. Conifers are like living sculptures that you can use to accent and create the bones or framework … Continue reading

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Emerging with a Fruity Disposition

As we emerge from the coldest winter we’ve had in 40 years, many of us will have casualties among our evergreen shrubs and vines. We could replant the same shrubs and hope for warmer winters, or we could explore new … Continue reading

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