Bringing in the Houseplants and Citrus for Winter

Summer vacation is over and it’s time for tropical plants to get back to work cleaning the air in the house! As temperatures drop in the fall (averaging less than 60 degrees, or dipping below 50 degrees) houseplants can be damaged, or outright killed if they stay outside. This is a good time to give them a thorough going-over for insects, dust and dead foliage. Trim, clean and spray (in that order) accordingly. If a plant has gotten extremely root-bound you may want to repot, but don’t go too large – best to increase pot size by just a couple of inches. Use Ferti-lome Root Stimulator to insure success. You may want to give plants one last fertilizing, then lay off as days become shorter and darker unless you provide artificial light.
Citrus will also need to come in to a large, sunny (yeah, right) window or greenhouse. They can stay out longer – down to 45 degrees or 40 degrees temporarily. What they would like best is a cool greenhouse as they are sub-tropical. Treat them to all the same steps as covered in the houseplant section. It is very common for citrus to drop leaves in the winter so be careful not to over-water.

About Charlotte Campbell

Char has managed the Garland Nursery houseplant department for twenty years. She brings a wealth of knowledge to bear in excellent customer service.
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