Get Your Garden Growing

IMG_1050Apple Sox to the Rescue

Tired of wormy apples?  Wish there was a non-toxic way to treat them just once time per year and not have to worry about them again?  Well now there is!IMG_1051

Apple sox are here and now is the time to put them on.

When your young apples are the size of the end of your thumb, thin the clusters of apples to the “best of the bunch”, slip an apple sox over it, twist the open end a little to close the gap and you’re done. (For redder varieties, remove the sox a week or so prior to picking.)

Don’t like wormy apples?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

MicromeshMicromesh tunnel of protection

Imagine a chemical-free garden where broccoli and kale have no aphids. Where spinach and chard aren’t riddled with leaf miners.  Where you can watch the pretty white butterflies flit about without fearing for the safety of your cabbages!

Now that can be your garden.  Simply place a micromesh Easy tunnel over your vegetable row when you plant.  It’s a quick, simple, and best of all-chemical free way to protect your plants.  Air, light and water get in-pests stay out.

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