Avant Garden

Kathy6Wow, what a year we’ve had so far. More sun than rain which means more time to spend outdoors in our beautiful gardens. Now that most of the labor intensive work getting the plants in the ground is almost over we can start focusing on enhancing our outdoor spaces with eye catching and unique garden décor. I find nothing more uplifting and gratifying than relaxing in my own outdoor oasis filled with endless colors and textures. Todays’ gardens are all about personalizing your private outdoor abode with adornments of all kinds. There are some things like furniture and umbrellas that are a must in our garden space and then there are other things like outdoor wall art, solar art, statuary or unique pottery that really make it spectacular! Lucky for us, Garland Nursery is the perfect place to find such one-of-a-kind treasures.

Even though outdoor furniture seems like one of those more practical purchases it doesn’t Kathy4have to be. It can have function and fashion all wrapped into one. This year Garland Nursery brought in a new furniture line called C.R. Plastics. They are extremely durable, extremely swank, very comfortable, come in a multitude of colors and styles, and are made from recycled plastic. What more could you ask for? Well how about a ten year color fade warranty! If you want a product that is going to stand the test of time then this is the product for you. They even have head rests for the chairs that come in a variety of fun chic prints and can be purchased separately. Of course, you’ll need to be shaded while sitting in the comfort of your well-made C.R. Plastics furniture, so how about being shaded by one of Treasure Gardens well-made umbrellas? These are without a doubt one of the best made umbrellas on the market. How many times have you purchased an umbrella and had fading of color within one season, or had poles warp and bend? Not with these babies. They are made with Sunbrella™ fabric and have a 4 year warranty against fading. The frame is made from extruded aluminum which makes them light weight but incredibly durable. Now that’s my kind of umbrella!

Kathy5So let’s say you’ve already got the basics for your home’s exterior, but it just seems like something’s missing. Well that’s because maybe something is missing, something that can turn your garden from drab to fab. When it comes to outdoor wall art, Garland Nursery has done its homework to bring consumers original, unique, and inspiring pieces. One of my favorites is the recycled oil drum art from Haiti, where each piece is hand-carved and designed by the Haitian people. There are many designs to choose from and what’s best of all, is that they withstand the elements all year round. I personally have a couple of these pieces and have had them for quite a few years now with no sign of weathering at all! Now that’s the kind Kathy1of art I want to invest my money into. Another one of my favorites, adding drama to the outdoors at night, are the hanging solar lanterns from Allsop. They have a Japanese influence in their design and come in several colors and styles. I recently purchased a couple for my own yard and couldn’t be happier with them. At night they look like amber floating globes and the light lasted for several hours after dark. They are definitely one of those items that will wow you and your guests.

Statuary is so fun in the garden! It makes a great conversation piece and invokes inspiration and happiness in the gardener. Garland Nursery has a plethora of statuary to choose from, but one of my favorites are the stone carvings from StoneAge Creations. They come in the form of owls, hedgehogs, turtles, birdbaths and more, but what’s best of all is that they are au naturel. Carved from real stone these creations will make an excellent addition to any garden. Now when it comes to finding pottery that fits in perfectly with your color and scheme, Garland Kathy2Nursery is the place to look. Careful thought goes into having a wide range of styles that range from modern to classic to natural, Asian, concrete, ceramic, lightweight and more. Of course nothing makes a more grand statement than a beautiful pot planted up with stunning plants, however, there are many styles that make a fantastic water feature too.

Maybe you already have in your mind what you want or maybe you need inspiration, either way come on out to Garland’s because more than likely you will find the treasure you’re looking for. Also, save-the-date for July 25th & 26th. It is Art & Wine in the Garden at Garland Nursery, where you’ll have over 30 local artists displaying an array of unique, beautiful and whimsical art. You’ll have great time and there is surely something there that will go very nicely in your garden.

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