How to Get Your Home to Sparkle for the Holidays

BarnsmallAs we are now feeling the cool and crisp days approaching, I am once again in awe that this time of year has come full circle. I so look forward to the fall season when the colors, textures and smells of nature fill my senses. It is also when I start to think more about my indoor living space and how I can make it inviting and cozier for the longer winter days. One of the ways I accomplish this is by bringing the outdoors in. Another is to tastefully display different sources of lighting all through-out my house to create a feeling of ambiance and warmth. And finally, it’s the special seasonal decorations that give my home that final personal touch.

IMG_9018There are several great ways I like to bring the outdoors in. This time of year you’ll find so many beautiful tree branches with fall colored leaves that look simple yet stunning in a vase. Throw a few small gourds and pumpkins around it and voilá, you’ve created a lovely fall arrangement. There are also many evergreen plants with a variety of different textures that would make a lovely arrangement on your mantle, dining room table, or buffet table. What about a hollowed out pumpkin as the vase? Put a glass jar inside and you’ll find you’ve created a unique and inspiring arrangement for you and your guests to enjoy. This is also a good time to be thinking about bringing your houseplants inside that have spent all summer on your decks and porches. Not only do houseplants create a soothing environment, they also help filter harmful toxins out of the air we breathe.

RootsmallWhen it comes to ambiance lighting is everything!! This time of year there are so many wonderfully scented candles that not only set the mood but also make your home smell amazing. Of course, Legacy by Root candles, are fabulous candles and they have an extensive variety of holiday scents. They’re made from a beeswax/soy blend, have 100% cotton wicks, come in great home décor colors, burn long and clean, smell divine, and are made right here in the USA. What more could you ask for in a candle, right? If you’re looking for a candle made locally here in Oregon that has great packaging, Aggiesscrumptious scents, and is made with 100% soy wax, then Aggies Candles from Union, Oregon is the candle for you. Besides candles, another favorite light source of mine is lighted twig sticks and lighted twig garland. These sticks and garland have tiny little lights on them called rice lights. The sticks usually come in a nice bundle and the garland in a 6’ roll. The twig sticks look great displayed in vase or pot all by themselves or to really jazz things up you could combine them with an assortment of holiday picks. I even like to put the twig sticks in with my Twig_lightpotted houseplants. The twig garland adds an element of sophistication and nature to any mantle. Since rice lights are so small they put off a really nice warm glow that is not too bright but can really lighten up a dark spot. You can even display them outside under a covered porch where an electrical outlet is nearby. Another very hip and contemporary option for lighting-up your home for the holidays would be the pinecone pendant lamps from VITA Lighting. They come in white and copper and in two different sizes. If you want something with an urban feel, but would still be representing nature indoors, then you will love these lamps. With so many lighting choices you are bound to find something that goes perfect in your home or personal space and adds just the right amount of ambience for you to enjoy all winter long.Cone_light

With this time of year come many opportunities to entertain your family and friends. This is when it’s fun to spice up your home with seasonal décor and believe me the choices are immense…garlands, wreaths, silk arrangements, art, figurines, ornaments and so on and so on. Well here at Garland Nursery we try hard to find beautiful items with which to decorate your home. So come on in and see what we have awaiting you. We’d be delighted to assist in any way we can to make your home spectacular for the holidays. Whether it is candles, lighted sticks, table top arrangements, houseplants, or holiday décor, Garland Nursery has all you’re looking for and so much Brow_cone_smallmore. Best wishes for the holiday season and happy decorating!

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  1. Those light fixtures are stunning – even off!

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