This and that and this again

What is up with the weather?  I think we are destined to have a cool, often wet summer this year.  So I guess we better enjoy it.  Despite the gray skies there is much to brighten your garden and your leisure time at Garland Nursery.  This past week, we received about a half dozen ‘Persian Queen’ geraniums in gallon containers.  This is one of my favorite Pelargoniums or bedding plant geraniums.  I’m not sure whether you would or wouldn’t guess it by looking at me, but I love riotous, gaudy color in my garden.  Yes, most of my pots are blue and I do lean to pinks, purples and yellows, but give me a plant with flamboyant flowers against outlandish foliage and I’m all over it.  Which is why I love Persian Queen geranium.  It has gorgeous, chartreuse foliage and a hot pink flower.  Justin and I usually fight over the very few plants that we get.  This year we got one random plant and a customer purchased it before we even knew it was here.  Crystal brought one back especially for Justin from Spokane.  When she and Charlotte heard me lamenting about not having one, suddenly I had 3.  I felt greedy but I do love them.  They are all doing great, although I have discovered that the one that is doing best is in partial shade.  Or maybe it’s a different potting soil.  I lost track in the whirlwind that was June.  Anyway, we now have 6 of them in stock and if shocking beauty is your cup of tea, you should come out and buy one. There is still plenty of time to enjoy the queen’s glory.

The other new arrival this week that has me excited is the fairy garden accessories.  Kathy found a source for metal chairs, arbors and more.  She was displaying them today while I was there for a couple hours to get a few things done.  I did not see the full inventory, so I am excited to get in there tomorrow to check it out.  It is front and center as you walk in the main door.  There is a cute little garden in a wooden flat with a metal fence surrounding it.  I remember seeing a rock river and a bridge.  So, we can add fence and bridge to the list of items for sale.  Also, she ordered in 4 different small fairies.  I saw one of them and can’t wait to see the others.  This leads to another exciting thing coming up in August.  We are offering an adult fairy garden class.  It is Saturday, August 6th at 11 am.  Nicole, who taught the Little Sprouts fairy garden class will be teaching this one.  She will be including how to design an outdoor, in ground fairy garden as well as a container one.  The cost is $5 for the class and if you choose, you make create and go home with your own fairy garden starting at $20.  You may reserve space now by calling us at 541-753-6601.

Speaking of classes, we have a popular one coming up on July 30th.  This is the willow furniture class, taught by the owner of Willow Station.  The cost is $125 and you create your own piece of furniture:  chair, bench, trellis, plant stand, table or trough.  Each hand-crafted piece is a wonderful addition to any garden.  Please call to pre-register and pre-pay by July 24th.

The 30th is also the first day of our 12th annual Art and Wine in the Garden.  I am particularly excited about this year’s event.  We have over 24 wonderful artists and 4 wineries set to be there plus a gypsy caravan wagon.  There will be food for purchase made by the owner of University Hero.  Also, wine will be available for purchase.  Entry to the event is free. The busy bees at the nursery are already making over the entire grounds!  It’s going to be fun!  Check out our website and Facebook page for photos of the artists creations that will be available for purchase.

Finally, it may be rainy but my veggie garden is still doing well.  Everything is growing and growing and growing.  I harvested my first zucchinis this week.  The chard looks great and the beans are flowering. I’m a little confused about the lettuce. You would think with this cool weather that it would be doing great, but some of mine is starting to bolt.  I didn’t plan it out properly and had too much come on at once.  I’m hoping to harvest soon before it gets bitter.  The good news is that we have been able to get some lettuce starts as well as a few other “fall” vegetables in, so there is still plenty to plant in the open spaces in your garden.  Now is the time to start the fall and winter veggies from seed.  I ordered in the fall rack from Territorial and I still have the other 3 racks, so there is plenty from which to choose.  I’m excited about planting spinach in the smaller of my raised beds.  Now if we just get in some broccolini, I’ll be all set.

Happy Gardening!

About Brenda Powell

I'm one of the owners of a family-owned retail nursery. I have a degree in horticulture from Oregon State University. I love to garden and read. My technically savvy but horticulturally challenged husband, Mitch, spends most of his time as slave labor in the garden. Thank goodness he adores me! My goal in this blog is to share my enjoyment of gardening, my love of nature, and my addiction to books. Did I mention I like to cook, too?
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