Aahhhh, summer

First, I’ll attend to the top priority…we’re having a sale.  It’s the Red, white and bloom sale.  Lots of good deals on outdoor living items, pots, berries and bedding plants.  Wanting a great blue-flowered shrub?  Victoria Ceanothus in 5 gallon pots are only 34.99.  It’s a great time to get to some long put off projects and fill in your yard with color!

Second, I want to remind you that our next event will be our annual Art and Wine in the Garden.  We have made this the best one yet.  There will be 4 wineries there both days and well over 20 artists and craftsmen, including a number of new vendors.  Also, University Hero will be there selling food items. We’re excited and hope you’ll join us on July 30th and 31st from 10 am to 4 pm.  I’ll keep you posted in the coming weeks with all the details.

Okay, now that business is taken care of, I can wax poetic…

My favorite half of the year is June through November.  I love the summer and autumn.  For me it starts with high school graduation.  Each year, I am moved by this event.  There is so much relief, pride, excitement, fear and hope wrapped up in this rite of passage!  And each year I am transported back to the age of 17 and the year I graduated.  I remember the songs, “Summer Breeze” and “Really Love to See You Tonight” and I’m sure there’s more.  June transports me to that moment in time when the world was my oyster.  I was free.  No longer a high school student, I was an adult.  (Okay, so technically I wasn’t 18 and therefore not quite an adult). What a liberating feeling.  No attachments (one good thing about being a late bloomer and not having a boyfriend in high school), I was free.  I did have a summer job and therefore a schedule, but heck, it wasn’t rocket science.  I still love weeding to this day.  That summer in 1980 was bliss.  Hanging out with my high school friends before college separated us.  Working 5 days, but totally hanging out and goofing off on the other two.  There were slip n slides, tanning with a great magazine to read, and movies.  No wonder that when June 10th rolls around I feel like taking off for Mexico, or anywhere I can exchange my responsible life for a holiday.

So now I am an adult, at least if measured by years.  I’m also a night owl, one of those lazy people that totally clash with the real world.  (If you’re a night owl too, I only wrote that to make everyone else feel superior). My perfect schedule would be staying up until midnight and going to work at 9 or 9:30. Okay, let’s make that 10 am. I am grateful for any natural phenomenon that makes the night hours better: long days and warm nights.  I really think that’s why  I love this time of year.  One of my greatest pleasures is enjoying my garden in the evening.  Mitch and I worked hard to perfect our garden for the Linn County Master Gardener’s “Through the Garden Gate tour”  We were thrilled to host 190 people through our garden.  It was a great event!  Now we’re excited to get to enjoy our garden privately.  We are fortunate this year to both have the 4th of July off.  Any holiday off together is a “free day” for us.  That means: no work list, no schedule (unless we are invited to a special event).  We get to do whatever we want on our timeline.  I don’t know about everyone else, but for us this is unique.  It happens maybe 5 or 6 times a year.

So what am I looking forward to on Monday, July 4th?  I want to sleep in (see statement about night owls).  I want to spend time in the garden, especially evening time.  I am looking forward to lighting all my candles.  (Note, Garland Nursery has all solar powered items on sale and perhaps I should purchase some more solar items).  And sitting out in the back or side garden and talking with my soulmate.  Forget the fireworks, I’m looking foward to a heart to heart with my love.  Maybe a barbeque is in there, too.  Of course, I have to include our dog, Tipper.  Last year we had two dogs.  We watched the mini series about John Adams and snuggled with both dogs as they were scared by the fireworks.  This spring we lost one, Tumbles, so I will be sure to give the remaining sister, Tipper, lots of love.

Looking to the future, what am I looking forward to?  I love this time of year.  The grass becomes dry and the quality of the light of the sun is different.  The evenings are warmer even if the days become shorter.  There is the beauty of the colors of the season: straw, peach, denim blue, french blue.  It is a time of growth followed by harvest.  It is a time to explore and get yourself out in nature.  Hikes, bike rides, and picnics are a must.  Go to the farmer’s markets.  There is a big one in Corvallis and a smaller one in Albany.  Go on a winery tour.  Take a bike ride.   Just loaf!  Summer is summer after all.

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About Brenda Powell

I'm one of the owners of a family-owned retail nursery. I have a degree in horticulture from Oregon State University. I love to garden and read. My technically savvy but horticulturally challenged husband, Mitch, spends most of his time as slave labor in the garden. Thank goodness he adores me! My goal in this blog is to share my enjoyment of gardening, my love of nature, and my addiction to books. Did I mention I like to cook, too?
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